Prices: CritiCare's prices vary depending on the type of care the client needs.
CritiCare can provide:
Home Health Aide Companions, Certified Nursing Assistants, LPNs, RNs, Skilled Pediatric Nurse, Physical Therapists or Occupational Therapists.
Prices vary depending on the qualifications of the CritiCare employee to provide service.
CritiCare does not require any up front payments except in unusual circumstances.
CritiCare has a minimum of 2 hours per day for each day worked, with a minimum of two days per week.
CritiCare is also Medicare and Medicaid certified for those individuals eligible for these type of benefits. Call us to learn about eligibility and how to apply.
CritiCare also works with many private medical insurance companies. In some instances CritiCare can bill the insurance company directly, in others the client pays CritiCare directly and then bills the insurance company for reimbursement.
For clients in Pennsylvania needing home health care yet with very limited resources, their individual county Offices of the Aging can possibly help. These are:
For those over 65 in :
Delaware County - 610-490-1300
Chester County - 610-344-6350
For those under 65:
Liberty Resources – 215-634-2000
Pennsylvania and the above agencies operate under the policy of Consumer's Choice so if you or your loved one are determined to be eligible for home health services from these agencies please insist on being served by CritiCare.
Contact CritiCare at 610-675-1111 for a price quote.